Monday, June 14, 2010

Where did May go?

Wow, just noticed that the entire month of May went by and no posts from yours truly. Since I don't get paid by the number of words on this blog, it goes without saying that it was neglected due to some crushing waves of work from the job that does pay the bills. Thankfully I'm having a blast at work so it's all good.

District TT Race Report

Place: 9th, 54:11
Category: 35+ Masters Open

Field Size: 14

Conditions: Perfect

After a fabulous spring of racing and getting my cat 2 upgrade, it was time to focus on the TT events. However, life decided to intervene and throw a few hurdles. Between being sick in late-April and a motivational letdown after the upgrade, I had a sneaking suspicion that I might not hit this event at my peak. To make matters worse, things at worked ramped up mid-May and had me doing 12-14 hour days.

So with all this going on I decided to just shed any preconceived notions of success and just focus on enjoying the experience. One point of feedback I took away from last year was the fact I felt unprepared for the longer TT efforts. So to get ready I did several 40+ minute threshold intervals leading up to Dunlap/Sattley. This definitely helped in getting my mind wrapped around how it felt to go hard for so long.

Come race day I decided to stay at home the night before and make the drive in the morning. Out the door at 3:45am and zooming on the highway. It only took 3 hours and 50 minutes to get up to Sattley. Plenty of time for a nice warm-up and confirmation of the newly paved section of road.

With a slight tailwind on the way out I found a comfortable pace knowing the return leg was really going to hurt. About 10k into the race I was passed by my 30 second man behind me. At 18k I was passed by the guy a minute behind me. I didn't panic and just kept to my game plan.

After the turnaround I was passed by one last rider with around 12k to go. The only redeeming thing at this point was the new pavement, which was a welcome change from last year's event. With a kilometer to go I thought I was going to break 54 minutes, but it didn't happen.

Overall the field was stacked this year, but I'm pretty happy to know I was 25 seconds faster this year than last. Sure it would have been nice to be higher up on the final standings, but hey, I can't argue with the blessed season I've had so far. The best part of the day was the drive home via Hwy 49. Some amazing scenery...way better than the 54+ minutes I spent in the pain cave.