Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oprah Grills Marion Jones

Today is the airing of the Oprah show where she sits down with Marion Jones who just got out of jail after serving a six month prison sentence. Here's my play-by-play calls of the interview as they happen. I've got it on Tivo so I can pause it while I spout off...

  • First off, where's the audience? It looks like they did this on a closed set. Marion, are you too scared to face the questions in front of others?
  • Geez, ladies, enough of the "You smell good...yes, you smell good too" comments!
  • Jones, you said you had days in prison where you felt "empowered". Empowered to clean laundry and make license plates? Your explanation of being in prison for "a reason" is tell more.
  • I can tell you why you're in got caught doping and you lied.
  • Hmm, interesting to find out she can't vote. McCain, heads up, the corporate felons of America can't rally to save your election.
  • Marion didn't know what "the clear" was. Apparently it wasn't "introduced" to her as such. How was it introduced to you? Marion, try this new moisturizer, it has a nice fresh scent to it that will also make you run faster.
  • At the split second she decided to lie, Marion had a million thoughts running through her mind. Apparently none of them were causing her inner voice to say, "Hmm, telling the truth is probably the best option you've got lady."
  • "Infor-way-tion" - not familiar with this term Marion. Inform me, provide me more information.
  • You've got to be kidding me. Marion can't remember exactly what her coach called "the clear" when she received it. She knew it was a supplement, but doesn't remember the name of it.
  • Oh wait, Oprah, thanks for lending a hand and reminding Marion. Apparently it was flaxseed oil.
  • You take the pill containing "the clear" and put it under your tongue, leave it there, then swallow after a while.

  • The story of how Victor Conte saw Marion take the drug is different from Marion's version of the happenings
  • "Knowingly" - interesting to see how Marion hides behind this word to somehow justify her own actions.
  • 31 minutes into the interview and we have it...the first tears
  • So who are the lucky people who got the bronze medals from those events...those athletes who came in 4th?
  • Ouch, her teammates had to give up their medals too. I'd be pissed if I were one of them.
  • ...and Marion didn't specifically apologize to those teammates. The least she could have done was to say "I'm sorry" to them.
  • Ok, Oprah is giving Marion a chance to speak to the camera and apologize. Hmm, I'm not too impressed by Marion's lack of effort.
  • Lowest points - missing the birthdays of her children. I can sympathize with her on this would be hard.
  • Apparently her stay at prison wasn't too harsh; she didn't have to watch her back for the lady with the home-made knife.
  • I'm perplexed. Marion says that when you took away the facade of "Marion Jones the athlete" she was ashamed, not as self-confident. She was having a hard time living up to the persona of who people thought she was.
  • So Marion, if you're energized by this "next chapter" of your life, I'm interested to see where this takes you. Do you know what it will be?
  • I actually take Marion's side while she's ready her letter. Pretty heart-felt stuff that brought a tear to my eye. Not as an athlete, but as a parent and knowing that you're missing out on watching your children grow.
  • Yo MC, Marion's a rapper, "I'm happy with the skin that I'm in." Throw in the human beat box!

So it's done. Interview complete. Interesting enough, but only time will tell what will happen next.

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