Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Sweat

During these winter months...

Ok, who am I trying to kid with this intro. Norcal is having a great warm spell and the summer cycling gear is in full effect. However, suspend your beliefs in reality and allow me to some freedom of written expression.

During these winter months there comes a time when I realize that one of my key feedback mechanisms decides to hibernate like a groundhog. I'm talking about sweat. The salty stuff that tastes oh so refreshing when you lick your upper lip after spending three hours in the saddle tackling climbs up and down the Santa Cruz mountains. It's a welcome reminder of all the hard work you just.

But during the winter I find that sweating is one of the first things to go (along with helmet hair since I almost always wear some sort of cap). With this recent warm spell of weather it was nice to see how my body hadn't forgotten to sweat. While in the middle of an eight minute threshold interval on the TT bike I somehow was distracted enough to glance down at my right wrist and notice a small pool of liquid work. With the position of my forearms and hands, this part of my wrist was just basking in the sun and creating a nice little pool of sweat. Ok, this is a bit extreme in describing what I saw, but it was mesmorizing, really.

In a week or so I'm sure the weather will change and sweat will be a thing of the past. It's cherising those little things that get you through those hard intervals that make you want to hurl.

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