Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The "Look" - Part Duex

Lance and the "looks". Sounds like a bad name for a wanna-be cover band. First there was this:

New and improved '09 style:

Oh, please, please, please stay healthy the both of you. I want to see a clean fight, no thumbs to the eyes, and all the Texan piss and Spanish vinegar you can hurl at each other come next July!

Boy, and what's going to happen with the supporting casts of Team RadioShack and the future home of Al-pistolero Contedor? An all out smackdown of American toughies (Levi, Horner, George...maybe a Garmin defect or two) against who the heck knows. And just for kicks let's get the new terminator faceplate of Jens Voigt added to that team. I can't wait!!!

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djconnel said...

I'm looking forward to "The Look Part 3" when David Weins leaves Lance gasping for breath on the Pipeline, dropping him and going on to take #7 (tm) at Leadville.

Well, it would be cool, anyway.