Friday, February 12, 2010

Historical Trends - Cantua

Playing around with Google Analytics is a fun way to see what's happening with this blog and site traffic. To my surprise I was caught off guard to see that my old race report from Cantua nearly two years ago was the second most hit posting on the blog. I guess folks are searching the interwebs to find any additional info they can around this upcoming road race before they make the drive past the cows at Harris Ranch and pin on the race number.

Funny to also note who reads my random musings. I was riding on Sand Hill Road yesterday and saw a guy with a
Metrigear Vector water bottle. The conversation went like this:

Me: Nice bottle.

Rider: Huh?
Me: Nice bottle.
Rider: Oh, thanks. Got it at the low-key event.

Me: Cool

[some random chatter happens, then this...]

Rider: Hey, you look familiar...

Me: I'm Todd, nice to meet you

Rider: I think I read your Cantua race report last night. You're that manley man guy...

One joke here is that the only product released by Metrigear so far has been their water bottles. Second, I find it pretty cool that a cat 5 beginner who has a passion for racing is searching out race reports to get an edge...that's inspiring.

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