Sunday, September 30, 2012


This past summer has been quite interesting from several different perspectives.  I finally lost all the weight that work put on me over the past two years and I'm back to my race weight of 2009/2010.  Climbing the local hills is now so much more enjoyable when I'm not searching for that extra gear that's not available (due to being too heavy!).  I'm also excited to see where I land with my next job.  Circumstances gave me the freedom to walk away from my past employer and to explore what else was out there in the marketplace.  Thankfully I have a few options to choose from right now and it will be a tough choice as all of them have their respective benefits.

Lastly, I've realized that this blog has been neglected far too long.  It's time to buck up and get back to writing.  I find it a therapeutic form of expression and something I've missed doing.  Here's to my new-found diligence and future posts!

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