Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Yeah, it might be tough for her to make the Kiddie Kilo at the AVC, but my daughter is participating in her dance recital on both nights. However, I'm hoping to sneak out the back door after her performance and hustle over to Hell-yeah! to catch some tasty AVC action.

Maybe I can bring Tate and have the AVC be his debut. He's been training hard and has put quite a few miles on his red Magna single speed. However, his form may be a bit off as he experienced his first training incident yesterday. On the way home from picking up his sister at school (we usually ride our bikes to school), we decided to do some VO2max intervals. He gassed it too hard and was in the pain closet. In his moment of training clarity he forgot that objects like parked cars don't move. BAM!!! Tate ran into the back of a truck. Luckily the helmet did its job and he shook off the crash like a pro.

Somebody mentioned to me these guys doing the flying laps can hold over 1,000 watts the entire way around the track. Too cool!

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Robin Horwitz said...

Cool stuff. Duvendeck's maxed out at 1900 watts, probably averaging nearly 1,200-1,3000 for 200tt run and 1k for a flying lap.