Sunday, June 22, 2008

These announcers are brutal!

Just chillin' with the family this afternoon and I turn on the TV. Come to find out Tivo is recording the Philly race. After 30 seconds of listening to the announcers I want them out of my TV. Come on announcers, take a Valium and calm down. You're way too hyped up with 40 miles to go.

[fast forward to the bunch sprint...]

Announcers, it's pretty easy to tell the difference between the High Road and CSC kits. So, why oh why, can't you get it right. You keep screaming, "It's a High Road rider..." when it's clear as can be that CSC won the race. Then you don't even admit to your mistake when you make the right call.

I've heard better commentary on the mic from locals here in the Norcal region.


Flandria said...

yeah, i saw that too...

ha ha

Phil and Paul will get names mixed up...and that was funny because it would make me scratch my head, look at my hunny with a questioning face or just say, "get it right guy!"

I think they wanted to if you were awake!

Anonymous said...

so funny. I thought similar things while watching the high school coverage. I swear I could do a better job myself.

What I liked was that is was three of them, John Eustice some woman and then every now and then this random guys voice popping in.

Tall & Manley said...

We should get a good dose of Bobke Roll next month with the TdF coverage.