Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Call me Crazy

I happen to have a job where I telecommute from home almost all the time, drop into the office when it's prudent to make those face-to-face connections and rarely have to travel. So am I crazy to enjoying the times I actually do get to board on a plane and fly around the country?

Nah, not crazy if you ask me. More like mildly blessed. I enjoy traveling whether it's for work or pleasure. This morning I'm heading back to Denver for a quick one night stay. While there I'll be meeting with the folks at Jabber and working on getting this acquisition integrated. Little trips like this are fun, and in an odd way, it reinforces with me how important my family is to me. Yeah, sappy teary eye stuff, but being away does make coming back all the more fun. At least for now when all the kids are under 6 years old and they're stoked to see their dad walk in the door.

This will be a fun little trip. I'm going to hit up a bike shop run by Ron Kiefel (yes, from the old pro 7-11 team in the 80's) and then have the pleasure of being able to walk over to the Denver flagship REI store from my hotel. Man, business travel is really hard.


Neil Duane Harrington said...

Dont hate the player hate the game!

I travel to Los Angeles about 1 month for 2-3 days to go visits clients.

I brush off the suit - put gel in the hair..wipe off the AMEX.

Enjoy your time in the Mile High City

Your competition is getting stronger while your gone!

Dubbayoo said...

I thought Ron and Phinney owned a shop called Morgul-Busmarck?