Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Year-end Totals

With no significant bike riding on the calendar for the rest of the year it's time to reflect. I'll keep this short and sweet:
  • 8,754 miles
  • 417,435 kJ burned
  • 532 hours in the saddle
Sitting on my butt and having an extra serving of food seems in order.


phipps said...

The year's not over yet. What, no riding today?

By the way, I could have told you that the Academy of Sciences would be a zoo. I live 2 block away and start every ride by going by there and every day since Christmas has been crazy with huge lines to get in.

Hope you were able to get in and see everything.

p.s. - I'll bring the beer I owe you tomorrow.

Manley Man said...

I'm only going for a easy 1 hour spin today. After doing the Sportvelo camp over the weekend which encompassed 3 days, 200+ miles, 20K+ of climbing I'm a little fatigued.

As for the Academy of Sciences, it was absolutely nuts! We ended up going to the de Young and had a blast over there instead. I had to introduce the kids to some art in their lives at some point...

Beer, a good post-race recovery beverage.