Friday, March 27, 2009

7 Years Ago

Today is my oldest daughter's birthday. Her growth in all aspects of life has amazed me over the past year. Maybe it's the fact that she's in 1st grade and consistently surrounded by an environment of learning, but see that kind of enthusiasm for new things is contagious. Not contagious enough to make me take up triathlons, but fun to experience nonetheless.

Her biggest surprise of the day was a hand-me-down mountain bike. I lucked out that a fellow SJBC member had a daughter that had outgrown her old mountain bike. The bike was in great condition and I knew it would be something special for my own girl. After the shock and awe wore off we donned our helmets and hit the streets. 21-speeds are a bit daunting for a newly minted seven year-old, but she's getting the hang of it.

I know she's my daughter when I showed her the easy gears and she promptly replied, "Why would I want these? They're too easy." Perfect, my daughter wants to drop the hammer on the other kids in the neighborhood. Forget those knobby tires, this girl is getting slicks and latex tubes for Easter to reduce rolling resistance and to smoke her friends as they ride to school.

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djconnel said...

Awesome! Fit that baby with some titanium bolts (Toronto cycles can set you up, if not Bike Nut in the city) and carbon rims and you're all set. And ditch the triple ring for a double. Triples are so 2006, even on a mountain bike.