Monday, March 2, 2009

Rest Day Observations

The cycling season is kicking off in grand fashion and with that a new meaning has arrived for my normal Monday rest day. The wife has learned, and I totally support this as I know how much time I spend on the bike throughout the rest of the week and how it can be impacting on the family, that Monday's are a great time for me to take advantage of getting all those little things around the house done (I'll let her take advantage of me too...).

For example, between conference calls today the needs of the master bathroom toilet needed to be addressed. A small leak which I likened to a babbling stream had developed from the toilet. This lulled me to sleep at night, but it wasn't the case for the wife. In the pursuit of a peaceful home, I did a little googling on the subject and was quickly armed with fix-it information. In a matter of ten minutes I was a plumbing god and back in the good graces of the family. Thank you Denver Water for the help.

Over the course of the next several Monday's I'm sure my to-do list will blossom like a spring almond tree on the Merco RR course. Not a bad idea to brush up on the handyman skills in this economy too.

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