Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dealing with the heat

Tomorrow's Panoche RR will be interesting. The first true race of the season where the temperatures will be high and the riding fierce. For me, at least, I've lucked out with most of my races being earlier enough in the day that it's not too hot and heat isn't a significant factor.

However, tomorrow's going to be different. I was thinking that hauling one of
these along might serve some good for teammates. No worries about going without a bottle. But I will give the Panoche organizers their due. There's going to be several water stations for racers and since it's an out'n'back route, we'll get several opportunities to hit these up.

I doubt this will help me (...but then again I wouldn't mind myself being proved wrong by some ill-thought actions leading up to the race). I decided after hitting the steam room at The Brown Palace while in Denver that there might be some application of sorts to endurance sports. I dug around with a few Google searches to see if saunas or steam rooms provided any perks. It wasn't easy to find any serious evidence.

Anyway, over the past 3 weeks I've been hitting up both the sauna and steam room after my weight workouts at the company gym. Not both after each workout, but just one or the other depending on the mood (yes, my mood dictates which door I open). If there's a benefit, that's great. If not, at least I know going into the race tomorrow that my pores are working really well.

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