Friday, May 8, 2009

Saddle Update

Just received the replacement for the Team Toupe saddle. The problem with the tighter rail/saddle tolerances of 4mm have been fixed with the regular Toupe saddle. I'm a little bummed that the white/blue combo of the Team saddle won't be on the bike because it looked pretty darn good, but the undercarriage will be much happier knowing that it won't be bottoming out and hitting the seatpost hardware. The new saddle is white with some faux carbon bits on the front and back. Still pretty good looking.

I tore apart the old Gel Toupe that had the busted rails. The kids and I ripped off the cover as we wanted to find out where and what the gel looked like. Once the black cover was gone we exposed the guts. The gel isn't so much a "gel", but more like a softer black padding that has gel-like properties. There's gel under each sitbone area; what I wasn't expecting was the patch of gel right near the tip of the nose. It makes sense that they put a bit there, but I had no idea it would be there.

In the end, I'm glad to say that the regular Toupe is doing its job. Plenty of clearance between the saddle and seatpost. Now it just needs some ride time to break in and get comfy.

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