Wednesday, November 28, 2012

2012 Passat Performance - San Jose to San Francisco

After waking up way before my 5:15am alarm for an early day of meetings in SF, I decided to have some fun while driving up Hwy 85/101 on the way to the city.

Once on the freeway I pegged the cruise control at 60mph, hung out in the slow lane and satisfied the old raver in me by listening to the latest Above and Beyond trance podcast.  For my petrol-head friends, check out these car stats:

Average Speed = 54mph
Distance = 53 miles (door to door from my house to the parking garage in SOMA)
Miles per galloon = 61.0  (it was 62.1 when I got off the freeway)
# of raver flashbacks = lost count after the 4th...

Bummer is I got to the city before the office opened, so thanks Starbucks for the free wifi.

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