Sunday, December 16, 2007

Build Details

Time to share a little bit more info about what is built up on the Parlee. This is by no means a weight weenie build, but there probably are a few components that could be swapped out to get it a pound or so lighter. If you've got a suggestion please drop me a comment below:

  • Frame: Parlee Z3 (custom geometry, 63cmTT)
  • Crank: Campy Record UT 180mm
  • Seatpost: Campy Chorus 31.6/350mm
  • Stem: Deda Newton 140mm (stripped logo w/ nail polish remover)
  • Bar: Reynolds Ouzo Pro 44cm
  • Shifters: Campy Record
  • Brakes: Mavic SSC
  • Front/Rear Der: Campy Record
  • Cassette: Campy Record
  • Headset: Chris King
  • Saddle: Specialized Toupe 143mm
  • Cables: Campy
  • Pedals: Look Keo
  • Chain: Campy Record
  • Skewers: Salsa Steel
  • Cages: Arundel
  • Wheels/Tires: Reynolds Alta Race (w/ PT SL, Schwalbe Stelvio), Nimble Fly (w/ PT SL, Continental Competition), Zipp 606 (w/ PT SL, Vittoria Corsa CX)
Total weight w/ the Reynolds is 17.5. With the Nimble's I think it's around 16.8. Any weight saving considerations need to keep in mind you're dealing with a 195 pound cyclist. Recommend away...


Anonymous said...

Wow, the 143mm specialized saddle fits you? I'm 170 and 6'0" and use the 153mm saddle and really don't consider myself having a big-A. I couldn't imagine myself sitting on a 143mm. Maybe the 153mm weighs more than the 143mm? oh well.

I'm thinking of putting on my heavy duty, heavy weight, 700x23 tires and tubes for this winter and early spring. This should make for a little more resistance training.

Tall & Manley said...

Yup, the Toupe works well, and I have the new Phenom (MTB version of the Toupe) on my other road bike which I really like. It's a tad heavier, but not much, and I might switch it over to the Parlee. It's also 1cm longer; from looking at it I'm betting the extra length is in the nose of the saddle.

Anonymous said...

shame, the Parlee is so ugly and probably a noodle at this size..

Anonymous said...

Nice anoynymous rip on the guys rig. Jack Ass!

Anyway, I don't think there is pound to found on your new ride. My only suggestion, have only one helping for Christmas dinner.

Tall & Manley said...

Too much seatpost envy in the world...