Sunday, December 16, 2007


I have never been so happy to be off my bike today. At the SJBC Winter Series RR, I knew I wouldn't be able to hang on for long due to the past two weeks of intense training. Needless to say I only lasted 1.5 laps and my legs didn't have any power. Funny how the body just shuts down when it can't do any more. Sure, I tried to bridge across to a break which I made successfully did (and the wattage numbers prove it...20 seconds to bridge while holding 838 watts); so I did learn something about the effort required to bridge. But in the back of my mind I knew it would be in vain as I later found out that the peloton took notice of my attempt and 2 minutes later our break was caught again.

What's up for next week? Gotta take the Parlee in for a few tweaks and stay off the bike for a couple of days to rest/recover. Perfect timing with the wet weather coming in later this week and my trip to Dallas.


Daryl said...

838 watts aint bad dude. I wish I could do that... The problem is that once you bridge, you have to keep it going. Meaning - another 800 watts, and then another, and another. There's the rub.
Certainly easier said than done.

Tall & Manley said...

I got the sense that with those in the break and me coming on that this break wouldn't last for long. No way did I have another 800 watt effort in my after this last training block!