Sunday, December 23, 2007

San Bruno Recon Ride

A fair number of teammates (Matt, Ricky, Ozzie, Robert, Clark, Ramon, John H., Matt & myself) showed up this morning at Madhouse Coffee for our 10am recon ride of the San Bruno hill climb course. What a beautiful day! All the local peaks were visible: Mt. Tam, Mt. Diablo, Mt. Hamilton, Mt. Whitney (ok, it wasn't that clear, but close). Also caught some of the LG team up at the top after our last interval.

After a few interval climbs everybody decided they pretty much had the course burned in to memory. It should be fun to kick off the 2008 season with the large number of teammates who are lined up for this event.

The Parlee is still making a small creaking sound from the BB, but I'm in no hurry to get it looked at again. Maybe it just needs a few more miles and it will go away...if not, then back to the shop for some quick adjusting. Everything else looks good on the bike. Minus a few of the unneeded parts and with the race tubulars, this baby will be ready for some vertical magic. Hmm, maybe I can have somebody take my brakes to the top of the hill so I can put them on for the descent?!? That will save about 350 grams.

And here's one last thing to help you get amp'd for the race...last year's hill climb race video. I'm nowhere near the front, but it's a good watch anyways. Larry Nolan pulls the climbers up for the first mile or two then peels off, and folks just start blowing up and falling to the wayside like Duncan Donut coffee cups. Plus the soundtrack is very fitting thanks to U2.

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