Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mmm the Madness

It's the first day of Spring and all is right on my TV. Yes, my TV. Because it's that special time of year where college basketball starts at 9am and doesn't finish until 9pm. It's where dreams are realized and hearts are broken. Hmm, sounds like the Zamora road race this past weekend with all the wind!

Thirteen years ago I was part of the big dance myself. Getting past the first round opponent (UNC-Charlotte) was a great realization of a dream, one that didn't come true when I first made it to the Dance and lost to Alabama. We had a shot against a stacked UMass team in the second round, but the ball didn't bounce our way that afternoon in Albany, New York, and we left very disappointed. I for one was upset enough to shed a tear or two as the clock wound down (...yeah, I'm man enough to admit a good cry helps the soul).

The investment I put into the team was tremendous. The long hours on the hardwood, traveling on the road and placing $1 bets on who's bag comes first off the plane, getting through nagging injuries and numerous assistant coaching changes. Somehow I guess that's why I really enjoy the joys of riding with my teammates in my latest sporting endeavor. There's a camaraderie
within the team that you rarely find, but when you find it, don't let it go as it's a pretty damn precious thing to be a part of.

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