Friday, March 7, 2008

Saddle up

Merco RR took the wind out of my sails and left me thinking a bit. A few conversations with different riders, listening to their perspectives, understanding their feedback and generally soaking it all in has me ready to get back on the bike today.

And then you've got the skill of trying to stay healthy. BKW (see my links) just posted on his blog a great piece about how as cyclists we're pretty in tune with our health and those telltale signs that give us clues to whether or not we're coming down with an illness. I couldn't agree more to what he wrote. The past two weeks I've seen a nice hacking cold go around my family. I knew it would probably hit me after taking out the kids and wife. It got me, but due to my preemptive strike I nipped it as best I could. However, that nagging back injury is still at play. If this continues I may have to just re-evaluate the 2008 season and focus on a little "me" time for healing. At least the wife will be happy that my weekends might be freed up a bit.


dblrider said...


Definitely take care of your back. I had back problems as a kid and every now and then I get a flare to remind me to be careful. Three days before 'cross natz, my back goes into spasm and I almost can't get outta bed. It took two weeks to get back to normal and even now I get little reminders that I need to stretch and strengthen...

See ya at Exeter!

Anonymous said...

Smart thing is keep the horizon long term. Especially after the challenges you have overcome in the last year. You have come a long long way.

I tell you what I use when any cold symptoms are on the rise. I hit myself with the airborne, and it seems to elimnate the lousy feeling very quickly. could be BS,but I see no downside with the stuff.