Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Stupidity Relapse

On with the details of my roof rack and garage accident. No reaction of horror when it happened, but one of utter laughter as I was in partial shock to the stupidity of my actions. My brother-in-laws have both 'garaged' their bikes before and I should have known better; but I guess a little bit of blissful ignorance never hurt anybody since laughing made me feel better (and knowing that all my friends would find this just as funny, or funnier, than me getting some belgium knee warmers on my face and having it get toasty for 20 minutes...yeah, don't try this at home, especially with that leg salsa stuff).

The rack tower above the driver side door was pulled back a good 8-10 inches and the bar itself was pulled off the tower. This caused the tray the bike is attached on to pull upward and twist just a bit. After I inspected the bike last night the only damage was to the saddle and seatpost. There was a small horizontal crack in the carbon seatpost where it took the most pressure. As for the saddle, this picture kinda sums it up:

Amazingly the rails are both pointing skywards and there was no slipping whatsoever from where the saddle and seatpost are mounted.

Many of you expressed concern that this was my Parlee, but luckily it wasn't. Just my steel Serotta that has taken a licken' and kept on tickin'. This frame is has survived being hit by the AT&T service vehicle, me high-siding it coming down Summit Road and taco-ing my set of Mavic Kysriums and now this. I put it back into duty this morning for the commute into work and noticed no indication of what it had gone through the day before.

On second thought, I think I'll check the handlebars. The hoods felt just a tad lower on the ride home tonight.


Brent said...

your lever looks a little twisted like you mentioned.. maybe its just the angle of the pic.

The steel is probably good, but I would be check that fork out real good before descending too fast.
That is where my friends was broken at the steerer tube when he did the same thing. You could almost paste his pic over this one...

Tall & Manley said...

I'll double check before I head out this afternoon...