Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Turn it down...

Just when I was feeling great in the mornings, and the effects of the back injury were all but a distant memory in my mind, my body decided to send back an RSVP just to let me know that getting older has some low points.

Saturday was an epic day...epic if you're the kind of Pacific Northwest guy who smiles at the rain, taunts the wind and walks taller when he's getting wet. I climbed Kings Mtn. then bombed down Hwy 84 before climbing back up the hills on Old La Honda. I was pretty stoked to see that I averaged 370 watts on both climbs (man, if I weighed 20 pounds less I might have a chance to win a hill climb with this power). But it was so cold and freezing at the top of Skyline that even the Gods were past the point of cursing. You know it's a teaser of a day when there's sleet getting slammed into you and there's a break in the clouds where you can barely see the outline of the sun. Talk about a teaser...

I was so cold that I had to warm up at the Saratoga Starbucks at the base of Hwy 9 on the way home. I think that was my downfall. I should have just come home. I think my body got semi-warm, then I froze again between Saratoga and home...and I pushed myself real hard just to stay warm. But the cherry on top was that I was too cold to stretch when I got home. I think that pushed my back into relapse mode.

Mind you, the back isn't that bad and I'm probably making it out to sound much worse than it is, but it's annoying. So back to the early morning routine of core exercises and stretching...and maybe a little Celebrex to help me out.

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