Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Going Compact

When I first started cycling seriously a few years ago I went with a compact crank. After riding standard cranks for the past two years I've decided to go back to a compact. Wish me luck...the low-key hillclimbs this winter could be really interesting in a 34/29 combo! More to follow once I get back on the bike and share some power data...


phipps said...

I've always raced with a 50-34, usually paired with an 11-23 and find that it's worked very well. The one complaint I have is the big jump when shifting from the 50 to the 34 and having to shift a couple cogs on the rear to avoid a huge cadence jump. Also, when attacking on a hill I'd often find myself really crosschained in the 34-11 or 12.

I am actually getting a new crankset this week that will be a 52-38 (almost big boy chainrings), that I'll use with an 11-26 so I'll have slightly more range than before without such a big jump between chainrings.

Tall & Manley said...

I'm going to end up getting a SRAM Rival 180mm crank. A little heavy, but strong and stiff as all hell (Bissell's Zirbel rides one of these too). I might throw on a set of Q-rings on these too since I've really liked them on my bikes so far.

As for the 11-23, that seems to be the consensus between you and a few other people I've talked with for pairing up with a compact. I can imagine how much fun I'll have if I put on my 13-29 and attempt to tackle some of the steeper hills down here in the South Bay.

And no, I won't have the problem attacking the 34-11 and being crosschained since I usually don't attack on hills; I just try to hold on!