Friday, May 9, 2008

Let the Nesting Begin

Baby number three is on the way, and it's finally hit us. Or at least it's finally hitting me; for the wife, she's been dealing with this way better than I would ever have dreamed. With two kids already running around the house we're the wikipedia definition for craziness, but in a good way. The new arrival, our second daugther, will be in early July.

This means plenty of little things do to around the house over the next month or two. First up, repainting the room for the girls. Who knew there were over thirty shades of pink at the Benjamin Moore paint shop. But then again, I always thought there was only one shade of white back in my uneducated days of bachelorhood. Man, the journey of expanding my color palate for interior designs just keeps on moving forward. Where's my feather boa scarf?

One positive about this experience is that we're done with having kids. No more holding on to old clothes, toys or any other stuff for the potential next child. I'm not a pack rat; on the spectrum of holding onto things for sentimental value, I'm more likely to chuck something into the recycling or garbage bins faster than Hillary Clinton can say that she's still going to win the Democratic nomination. If it doesn't serve a purpose for the here and now, then let's get rid of it and free up some room.

So back to the nesting. I'm pretty psyched for the new baby. I was impressed a few years ago on a business trip to Amsterdam with the ability of the parents there to put a kids seat on the front of their bikes. I might have to look into that myself. Imagine doing some intervals on the local Santa Cruz mountain hills with an extra twenty pounds on the bike! That would be one hell of a workout; one baby up front, and hauling the two others in a Burley trailer behind. I might have to invest in a triple crankset to make this a reality. Heck the more important thing would to make sure I've got enough lights and reflective material on the rig that cars could see me approaching from a mile away. Last thing I want to do is to put the kiddies in harms way. Don't need the family getting wiped out in one fell swoop by a motorist!

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