Friday, August 29, 2008

Bling that goes round and around

A month ago I decided to ditch the tubulars due to too many problems. I'm not going to go into all the details, but rather put some time and energy sharing the details of the new set that showed up this afternoon.

Here are the details...
  • Front - Edge 68 clincher rim, 20 hole, Sapim cx-ray spokes, White Industries hub
  • Rear - Edge 68 clincher rim, 24 hole, Sapim cx-ray spokes, Powertap hub
  • Weight details - 1,039g for the rear, 689g front = 1,728g (I don't have individual part weights)
This is the first set of carbon clinchers I've owned, so tomorrow's initial ride will be insightful. Several pictures can be found here:

I'll post updates to this thread as I ride these more.


Sufferin' P said...

Who built them for you?
Nice weight for a deep section PT set - enjoy!

Manley Man said...

Rich at I've worked with him before on the old Zipp 606's I owned. Those Zipp's were a top-notch build and after this morning's ride on the Edge's, I can easily say he did a superb job again.

Sufferin' P said...

Yep, Rich is a good guy - I have a few wheels of his. Guess I should have noticed his stickers. ;)

Anonymous said...

Personally I think you should post pictures of you and each one of your bike componets. Maybe you can do that once you TT bike arrives.

At a minimum should have scored you a discount with such glowing reviews and publicity.

Manley Man said...

Great idea Goose! I'll give you a cut of whatever I receive.

Dubbayoo said...

How did the Edge build compare to Zipps or Reynolds price-wise? He doesn't have those listed on his site?

I wanted him to re-lace my Zipps but he wouldn't do it.