Friday, August 8, 2008

On the Mend

So my heavy week of 300 miles of training a week or so ago caught up to me after Fort Ord. I've come to learn over the past year that when my body is getting super fatigued I get head colds. On Sunday I felt the cold hit me like a brick while at a kids birthday party. Five days later and now it's finally passed. After a few kilos of Vitamin C/E and some meds, I'll be getting back on the bike.

At least this time I felt it come on, shut things down and didn't try to ride it out. Last time this happened I rode through it and eventually developed a sinus infections. The legs haven't felt this fresh in over a month so who knows what's going to happen at Patterson Pass RR tomorrow. Hopefully something better than green snoggers.


Neil Duane Harrington said...

Dont you use your PMC in you WKO software? 300 miles would send your CTL through the roof!

Manley Man said...

My CTL didn't go through the roof as I had taken some rest days before and after the ride. But my ATL was at a high point and I think that might be a better indicator for me to follow in the future when it comes to these kind of head colds and over-training.

Gianni said...

I've started to look at the relationship between the ATL and the negative TSB as well.
Good for you stopping before things got too bad.
Many don't.

Manley Man said...

Gianni, good point about the negative TSB and high ATL. Though it's fun to see the CTL going through the roof, I know for me I'll be paying more attention to the -TSB/+ATL relationship.