Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cycling Jersey = Towel

Man, there are some days where you're on your game and others where you feel behind the 8-ball from the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning.

I decided to head into the office today to break up the week...and I had a teammate from RTP (Research Triangle Park, NC) in town so it was good to catch up in person with somebody I constantly IM with on a daily basis. At Cisco HQ we've got a nice noontime ride on Tuesdays/Thursdays. I've missed most of this summer rides due to the amount of telecommuting I've done. However, I decided to make the effort to get out there today.

The ride was nice as it was only one guy besides myself. We decided not to hammer since I had San Ardo on Saturday. I got back, hit the showers and realized that given my absence in these noontime rides I had forgotten one key thing: my towel. What to do?!? Use my undershirt? Nah, needed that article of clothing.

My next best option was my cycling jersey. Thank goodness for taking the ride easy and ending up with a nearly dry jersey. Not proud of the fact that it worked, but good to know the next time I forget. Luckily I did bring the deorderant!

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Anonymous said...

i bet those chamis (shammy... SP?) the olympic divers are using would be a great office towel. just another deep thought.