Friday, February 20, 2009

Me & Ballard Canyon

A few weeks ago our race team spent a great weekend down in Solvang. On one of our rides we came down from Los Olivos to Solvang via the last half of the ToC TT course on Ballard Canyon Road. For me this part of the ride came after doing repeats up Mt. Figueroa so I was able to enjoy the scenery of the canyon and the various vines in the fields.

Riding down this road I couldn't help and think what it would be like on a TT bike. I'm really interested to see how the riders take the short descent after the small hill at the northern most part of the road. When I came down the descent on the road bike I had to shave off a bit of speed on the sweeping left hander since there was plenty of gravel in the roade. If the pros can take this corner at speed and in the drops then I'll be amazed.

The rest of Ballard is like a TT'ers dream. Slightly downhill with plenty of opportunity to get some serious speed built up. The pavement is ok, but if they put down fresh tarmac it would be unreal! Something like a 55x11 combo would be perfect if there's no headwind. Anyway, coverage on starts here in the next hour so let the fun begin.

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