Monday, February 9, 2009

Valentine's Love, aka Cantua

I don't know how I scored on this, but I actually will be racing at Cantua on Valentine's Day. I'm sure it helped in the discussions with the home social coordinator that I won my category last year and I had to at least see how I would fare this year. Nothing like kicking off the racing season with other 35+ 1/2/3's who want to kick your teeth in while your nose is catching the savory fragrances of Harris Ranch.

It is true that the SJ crit is going on locally, but don't get me started on that whole thread. Others have said enough around the promotor jacking up the reg fees and such. I actually won't be around SJ next weekend and the trip down to Cantua from my in-laws is actually just as close. And, I have more affection for Cantua than I do for a downtown crit at this moment.

So what's in store for the RR? Well, it currently looks like a relatively small field made up of SJBC, Morgan Stanley and AIAGE (not sure who they are...). Some friends from other teams are in the field as well so at least there will be some nice pleasantries over coffee and crumpets as we roll down the starting descent.

Now for the weather, last year was perfect. Sunny and chilly at the start but it soon warmed up and became a perfect day. I've got a feeling in my gut Saturday will be quite a bit different. Anybody showing up with a new kit that has white on it will probably want to bring along some Spray'n'Wash just in case they want to keep that jersey looking minty clean for the rest of the season. As for me, I don't mind my race kits getting a little dirty and grimy as the season progresses. It reminds me of the races and good times (or bad depending on the situation).


phipps said...

I too got the Valentines day pass to spend the weekend down in the central valley with the guys.

Should be a fun team race with us, you guys and the unknown AIAIG guys from Bakersfield. I think Taleo will have at least 3 guys too.

I hate rain. If it rains, I'm going to attack. =)

Manley Man said...

Maybe we institute the geezer rule of running fenders to keep us nice and dry ;)

Hopefully a few more people will show up and participate. I would expect a larger central valley contingent; they for sure won't want to pay $50+ to race in downtown SJ that day.