Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Hard Lesson to Learn

Folks, even pro riders can display poor form. Leading up to the sprint in the final 1km of the Tour of Qatar today, the Slipstream train was coming up on the outside with Millar laying down a hard TT effort. Just after 1km to go you see Millar peel off (thanks for the overhead heli shot), and Maggie takes over.

As Maggie pulls Sutton and team to the front of the pack you can tell he's just burying himself and doing a great job. However, from the overhead shot it looks like he's got his head down and isn't paying attention to the lead Quick-Step rider at the front. The Quick-Step rider pulls off, and mind you it wasn't a hard swing to the right, and Maggie rear ends him. Down he goes and early word from the press says he's got a broken collarbone.

I'll just say this...keep your head up and have your eyes down the road. From the replay it looks like this should have been avoidable. Bummer since I really wanted to see Maggie at ToC and the Spring Classics.

More details can be found here:


Robin Horwitz said...

Well, the only comment I have is: No maggie at Paris - Roubaix?


dblrider said...

Naw, Magnus will be healed up in time for P-R. In a post-race interview, Magnus manned up and said it was his fault. He was looking back to make sure his teammates were on his wheel when the Q-S rider pulled off. Normally not a big deal, just bad timing.

Tall & Manley said...

Yeah, I hope Maggie will at least have some form ready for P-R.