Friday, January 11, 2008

Hardmen of the North

Man, days like today are what I love! Cold, damp and roads still wet from the rains. Reminds me of my childhood growing up in Oregon. Plus, it makes you look like those riders from the Classics with mud and grime all over your bike and legs.

The dirt is a reminder of the work you put out on your bike, the efforts going over the hills and spinning down the hills. Drivers look at you like you're crazy; they get a reaction back from me giving them an indication that they really haven't lived live until they've pushed themselves on a bike hard enough to bring on myoptic vision and the deep bass beats of one's own heart into their ears.

some belgium knee warmers today. Much better than having cold wool or lycra knee warmers that just get you colder. The embrocation worked, but it wasn't as hot as I expected. Maybe I'll try the super hot stuff...but then again I've heard you've got to be very aware of where you put this on your legs. Too close to the chamois and you're bound to be in for some pain like you've never felt before!

5 comments: said...

Funny how a cyclist knows a cyclist. Went to drop off some borrowed components to Tall and Manley and when there was no answer at the door I knew the deal.
"He's out training, damn I wish that was me". And off to work I went. So now I am heading home to get some saddle time of my own. Thanks for the inspiration T&M.

Tall & Manley said...

I didn't notice the components on the front porch until my wife came home later in the morning. I must have been too distracted by all the dirt on me and the bike. said...

As soon as I hit send on this post I'm off to South San Jo. Should be able to get in the Laurel recommended 2 hours of saddle time!

velogirl said...

as sexy as naked legs with embrocation are, I've found it just doesn't cut it, even under a layer of vaseline on top. but, it works great under a super thin layer of clothing.

Tall & Manley said...

Good idea on using it under some clothing...haven't tried that yet.