Monday, January 21, 2008 don't say?!?

Before I got back into cycling a few years ago I was educated enough about cycling to hold a conversation around Lance Armstrong and his dominance, but I didn't really know anything else about other teams riding in the peleton. After the racing bug bit me I found myself reading up on teams learning more about the diverse and interesting history of races from the spring classics through the grand tours and the world championships.

For some reason I found my attention as a fan being drawn to the Quickstep team. Don't really know why or how it happened, but they turned out to be the team I follow the closest (outside of my own SJBC race team). It's a mix of their riders, teamwork and results that drew in my attention. And out of this, what happened?

I'm happily married, but I'll admit to my man-crush: Tom Boonen. He just seems to bring it to his competition every time he gets on his bike (ok, maybe not in the hills of the TdF). If I could emulate just a bit of his strength, determination and skill I'd be pretty darn satisfied.


Robin Horwitz said...

lol! That's a good one - I do have my man-crush as well.

Probably Theo Bos. He can do it all on the track.

supakeys said...

if all cyclist look like Tom, sign me up for this sport!