Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today's SJBC Winter Series ITT

The radar showed no rain and thus the ITT was on for this morning. I dragged my daughter and my own father out to the race to watch the mundane event. Come on you say...yeah, I should have taken them to a more exciting event like the squirley birds (aka early bird crits), but my plans to head up that way were cancelled. An ITT was on the agenda and that's what they enjoyed.

My dad took a few photos so enjoy:

The headwinds down Santa Teresa were no fun and the 417 watts I lay down during the last 2 minutes didn't feel too great either, but it was fun busting out the skinsuit and the belgium knee warmers.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I wimped out.

The day was not wasted as I got some needed garage time.

Goose said...

Obviously your a big boy, and I am no means an expert, but your time trial position looks pretty aero and good to me.

I take it you were not pleased with your result?

Tall & Manley said...

Actually I was pretty pleased with my result. It was a minute faster than my time back in October.

My average watts were higher (327 in October, 340 yesterday) and my HR was a few beats lower. It also was my first time running the ITT w/ all my aero gear at the same time (wheels, helmet, bars).

The middle third of the course my watts were a little lower than I wanted (around 320 for 9 minutes), but then I got them back up on the final hill and the last 10 minutes of the course.

My official time was 41:02 and I'm stoked by it...but bummed after the fact that I didn't crack the 41 minute barrier. So next time I'm targetting breaking 40 minutes in the 2009 Winter Series. That will be a solid, solid effort.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic target, and glad to hear you felt good about your result. One thing I would offer is to calculate what you think the watts would be to get a minute removed from you time. Assuming you can.

Conditions vary significantly on that course with wind direction and speed, so time might not be the only thing to shoot for.

dblrider said...


The real question is how did you feel in the middle third. You may have been recovering from the hard initial efforts in the headwind and up the hill... I know I was!


Tall & Manley said...

Yeah, good point. I think you're right, especially about the effort required to get up the hill.