Monday, July 7, 2008

Darn Appliances

A garage door is not an appliance, but for this discussion just humor me and treat it as such. Taylor has been awesome, sleeping much better than either of the other kids at this point in their lives. Three to four hours of straight sleeping through the night; and it's amazing how the wife and I actually feel somewhat refreshed and not too tired.

The day before Taylor was born the garage door decided to bite the dust. The gearing mechanism wouldn't engage and the door didn't move. Then two days after Taylor's birth the washing machine goes out and won't work. The spin cycle does nada...un-spin more like it.

Luckily I found two local handymen who were able to get both these appliances up and running today. The plastic gear on the garage door that engages the chain was completely stripped. Not too surprising how it's been an original part for fourteen years. The washing machine had a busted coupler. Much cheaper to fix than having to buy a new appliance.

My fingers are crossed that nothing more will break around the house. I've got enough that I want to do with my three weeks of vacation.

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