Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Shut up, sit down

I absolutely, and do mean absolutely, hate it when an athlete decides to run his mouth and speak his mind after they are out of the running for a win/championship/medal/result. And so it goes with Valverde. He's too far out of the race in my opinion to come back and finish on the podium. His butt was handed to him on Hautecam and he can't TT too well to take time back.

In my opinion he's gone over the line by bitching about how other teams are 'weak'. VeloNews has a good article on this. Alejandro, you better look in the mirror buddy, because your words seem to be a pretty good fit for the current Spanish national champ (i.e. you).


Anonymous said...

strong words, strong words.

I think Valverde's message was not overly smart, but I also think that his remarks are blown out of context. The make up of Silence and to an extent Rabobank is not one for the high mountains. Velo News made a headline out of not much.

I saw that after the victory that Peiopli said that Saunier Duval was not a strong squad that the team was not good enough. that was bascially the headline, but reading his comments it sounded less like criticism, and more about how they are underdogs.

Still bring on the fire!

Tall & Manley said...

Taylor's been crying all morning, I guess Valverde's comments sounded a lot like my newborn!

But yeah, after re-reading some of the other news out there today I do agree the VeloNews probably made more of this than they needed to.