Monday, July 14, 2008

Looking Smart

On my through Los Gatos to climb Hwy 9 I ran into one of these. It was the first car in a long time that has passed me and I've thought, "Wow, getting hit by that car probably wouldn't do too much damage."

Actually it would, but let's put this into perspective. I rolled up to the car at the next light and given my height (6'9"), the top of the car was about equal in height to my hip. I felt physically bigger then the car.

Then I saw another one near Leigh HS on the way home. Maybe these cars are like rabbits...multiplying like crazy!


velogirl said...

I've seen a lot of them lately. the coolest one was white with cow spots and pink udders/bumpers.

CheyenneJack said...

When I was in Italy, I wanted to run through them like I was Mike Alstott of the Tampa Buccaneers of the 90's. Now, I still kind of wish I could toss them out of the way, only because at 6'11 300+ there is no chance I'm fitting into one of those.