Tuesday, July 8, 2008

TT Observations

Other than the comical f-bomb from Vaughters, here are a few other things I noticed:
  • Cadel didn't wear any shoe covers. I'm sure he could have saved a few seconds of time if he did.
  • Lots of guys, like Valverde, had non-aero water bottles. Don't know if that hurt too much.
  • Giant's new TT frame looks fast, as does the new Dean frame from Ridley (although it isn't made in an XL size)
  • Feillu rode a ton of the second half in a weird aero position; he wasn't using the aero-elbow pads. For some reason he was resting his a bit wider on the handlebars


Neil Duane Harrington said...

nothing is left to accident in PRO land. There is always a thought process of what they do

Anonymous said...

I think the big observation was Alejandro....

Might not be, but it is possible that the month of fantastic form is starting to go by the wayside. Kind of eerily reminds me of Iban Mayo back when he thrashed LAnce in the Dauphine only get into the team car during the Tour.