Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Disneyland detox

I've got to admit, Disneyland was a blast with the wife and kids. Do I remember anything from when I first visited there thirty years ago? Nope, nary a memory. Ok, I do remember the "It's a Small World" ride, but that's about it. Unfortunately for me, this ride was shut down; it's getting some new paint and updates before opening after Thanksgiving weekend. 300+ pictures are being worked on right now, and they're almost ready to share with friends and family.

  • Space Mountain - I was looking forward to this ride, but it didn't do it for me. A rollercoaster in the dark made my normally strong stomach a bit queezy. And it didn't help that for some reason I felt like my head was going to hit something in the dark.
  • The Princesses - Everybody waited way too long to meet the ladies, but Logan thoroughly enjoyed the experience
  • Maliboomer - This launches you from the ground up to around 300 feet while pulling 4.5g's. Somehow Logan convinced her papa (the inlaws came along and had a blast too) to ride with her and I. I'm used to rides that cause your stomach to drop. This ride shots your guts out your backside...thank goodness you're sitting down. And yeah, you then loose your stomach as you hit the apex of the launch and start to fall. Logan had to do this multiple times (me too).
  • Soarin' over California - Take one part flight simulator, one part IMAX film. Put them together and you've got a pretty incredible experience. Tate loved this ride as did the rest of us. Having the larger-than-life IMAX picture taking up all of your sightlines while being suspended on a seat in front of the screen is awesome. We did this ride twice too
  • Walking is tough. It shouldn't be since I'm in shape, but I'm not in 'walking' shape. Next time I'll do some cross-training to get prepared.
  • Convenience is nice. Staying at a Disneyland property makes a world of difference and easily is worth the cost.
  • There is no logic to LA traffic. We hit it both ways. Neither time was during your typical rush hour...but nonetheless there was a lot of stop and go traffic.
  • Bringing the inlaws along was great. Luckily all we did didn't run them too ragged.

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