Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Go Green! However, the stereotype of the news reporter was reinforced

After wrapping up my teaching gig over at SCU last night with the freshman, ...oh their innocence..., I was walking back to the car and stumbled upon a Channel 2 KTVU reporter doing her thing in front of the new library building. It was late in the evening and the reporter was practicing her lines before going on live on-camera. I stopped to observe, thinking it was interesting to watch; soon thereafter both she and the cameraman gave me a serious case of stink-eye.

They actually had the wherewithal to ask in a sarcastic tone what I was doing, to which I replied, "Just catching my news live instead of watching it at home." Amazing to watch, but both their noses turned up in unison and they gave off that all-to-familiar "I'm better than you" attitude.

It actually made me laugh out loud! This caught them more off guard and only made their reactions more amusing to me. As I walked away my stereotype of newscasters was strongly reinforced and it reminded me of the Nicole Kidman character in the movie "To Die For".


Anonymous said...

Funny stuff. In the few minutes of tv watching last night, I caught some TV show realing off outtakes from reporters. There was one where a guy kept walking in the background. The snippy reporter gave a similar response as your new friend. In the end the guy went to far, she dropped the mic and ran after him.

dblrider said...

Too funny. I watched the segment, and I could just envision Ms Reporter giving you sh*t for standing around to watch. The sad fact is that she probably couldn't handle a truly "live" segment to save her life. Glad you're feeling better and good luck on Saturday. It should be a great race.

Tall & Manley said...

Yeah, Wente RR will be fun. Last year I rode in support of Clark & Ramon and we got some great results from that (1st, 7th) if I remember right. I'm sure of Clark's win, but fuzzy on Ramon's finish.

This year I've got some support from other teammates so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. Like usual I'm expecting a race of attrition in my category and then some glorious fireworks on the final climb!