Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today...not much fun

Race: Wente RR M35+ 4
Weather: Hot, mid-80's, light wind
Course: 15 mile loop around Altamont Pass east of Livermore
Result: 100/100 (is this a perfect score?)

I got first...first to get a DNF with a flat!

The goal was to hang out and see what some of the climbers were going to do later in the race as this hilly race would naturally spit out the weaker riders out the back. Up the first climb I was in the top 10 and felt fine. Coming down Flynn the climbers were coasting and not really going too fast. I soon found myself in the top 5 and taking a pull on the front. Why is it that climbers can't descend fast? Oh yeah, 'cuz they don't weight 200 pounds.

Toward the bottom of the hill my ride was feeling way too comfortable. I had a slow rear leak. At the intersection of Flynn and Patterson Pass Road the rear was completely flat. Game over, and I still had two completely full water bottles. A slow trudge back to the car by cutting through the course via Patterson Pass Road and a yell of encouragement to my teammates as they rolled on by was the best I could muster at this point.

Flats happen, but I was really bummed as this was a race I had been targeting for a long, long time. Next time my evil temptress.

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