Monday, April 21, 2008

Lost weekend

I was all excited to get in some good riding in this past weekend with friends before my plans got shot down. No, it wasn't a family commitment or something that I forgot about on my calendar. It happened to be related to a bad plate of Chinese food and it's secret little friend.

I don't know which plate of tasty goodness at the table Friday for lunch it was, but something there gave me a nasty bit of the stomach flu. I've never had something like this before and for a few hours I actually thought my appendix was about to rupture. When it's 4am on a Saturday morning and it feels like your stomach is in knots, your mind starts to think of all possibilities. I even went online to do a little self diagnosis work to just make sure it wasn't the old appendix (which it wasn't). For the ladies, I'm sure this feels like a bad round of menstral cramps; for me, it reminded me of those bad memories when you weren't paying attention and something accidentally got past your groin radar and made contact with the berries. Painful indeed!

So with a week before heading back out for racing (after a month away for recharging the batteries), I get this unexpected weekend of additional rest. Not what I wanted, but in reflection I'll take it. Disneyland didn't really give me any rest to my legs, so I'll take what I can get. I am bummed about missing the SJBC Muddy Dog ride yesterday, but I'll have to do that on my own to see what it's all about. I'm familiar with the paved roads of the ride, but the dirt sections will be new to me.

Now I just need to sync up with the guy who has my carbon tubular tire I left behind at Ronde and I'll be ready for Wente RR.

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