Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Is it really the happiest place on earth?

Next week takes me away from the normal routine of my life. I'm taking the family down to Disneyland for the kids' first visit and my return after 30+ years of being away. It was so long ago that I don't really remember much of the experience.

My most recent Disney experience was this editorial piece. Though the article focuses on the lack of mothers for the Disney princesses, what about their fathers?!? When was the last time you saw any Disney princess with a parental figure? Jasmine had her dad back in the day when she was being swept up on a magic carpet and Robin Williams was the genie, but think about it, are all these princesses runaways without parents? Do princesses just fall off some magic tree that shrouds them in bad clothing and then waits for the animated version of Tyra Banks to create a Disney's Next Top Princess experience where the whoa-is-me girl becomes the blossoming princess?

Come on, let's get real here folks. At least Pixar put together a family unit when they rolled out the Incredibles. One of the events planned for next week is to experience the Disney princesses at their breakfast event. I think it might be fun to fluster those poor actresses who are in their princess costumes by asking them some 'real' question: Who's your mom? Where's your dad? Are you an only child like the rest of your princess friends? How come you think a man will be the savior to all your problems? Are there any lesbian princesses?

I think this will make breakfast much more fun.

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